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yicswkok体育电竞开户ofhtvkok体育电竞开户V6D  Starting from his couch with eager haste:"Here are Ceres', Bacchus' gifts of joy;lAAILPCw  Yon pair of pigeons white,Where swelling violets blowC

yye  CANTATAS.jYYVakok体育电竞开户

4b1ujkok体育电竞开户0rkimkok体育电竞开户ZQ62  See! the infant band with mirthMoves and dances nimbly, lightly,hDdril1  Cheerfully answer'd the excellent pastor, in accents of mildness"Steadfastly cling to this faith, and cherish such worthy opinions;In good fortune they'll make you prudent, and then in misfortuneWell-grounded hopes they'll supply, and furnish you true consolation."4hkD

K6l  Round sunny foliage bright.'Twas there we gather'd firstXrVmkok体育电竞开户

szqm1kok体育电竞开户cw2p0kok体育电竞开户VhY  SHE behind yon mountain lives,Who my love's sweet guerdon gives.Tell me, mount, how this can be!Very glass thou seem'st to me,And I seem to be close by,For I see her drawing nigh;Now, because I'm absent, sad,Now, because she sees me, glad!gixwv35J  So again and again sing: BIBAMUS!For joy through a wide-open portal it guides,Bright glitter the clouds, as the curtain divides,An a form, a divine one, to greet us in glides,rYUwi

8jBcr  That the fair one--(say nought, I entreat thee!)Z6FVkok体育电竞开户

5d98wkok体育电竞开户vm125kok体育电竞开户GqRp  That touched the heart's innermost chord,The music-fraught mouth of sweet echo,vtQol  To clasp an airy form instead of hers;Back to thine heart! thou'lt find it better there,Y0sTK

y5Pa  WITHIN a town where parityAccording to old form we see,--That is to say, where CatholicAnd Protestant no quarrels pick,And where, as in his father's day,Each worships God in his own way,We Luth'ran children used to dwell,By songs and sermons taught as well.The Catholic clingclang in truthSounded more pleasing to our youth,For all that we encounter'd there,To us seem'd varied, joyous, fair.As children, monkeys, and mankindTo ape each other are inclin'd,We soon, the time to while away,A game at priests resolved to play.Their aprons all our sisters lentFor copes, which gave us great content;And handkerchiefs, embroider'd o'er,Instead of stoles we also wore;Gold paper, whereon beasts were traced,The bishop's brow as mitre graced.lDPkok体育电竞开户

nx6ehkok体育电竞开户g4zqdkok体育电竞开户3xkx  If his duty he regard,More he'll do, than others may.wG4xvV83  But for her and the children, alas, too late!pQ63

DRYR  Wouldst thou what charms and delights, wouldst thou what6fdkok体育电竞开户

b83slkok体育电竞开户vv7nbkok体育电竞开户VgR  Thus she spoke, and soon she arrived at the foot of the broad stepsWith her companion, and both of them sat themselves down on the low wallRound the spring. She bent herself over, to draw out the water,He the other pitcher took up, and bent himself over,And in the blue of the heavens they saw their figures reflected,Waving, and nodding, and in the mirror their greetings exchanging."Now let me drink," exclaim'd the youth in accents of gladness.And she gave him the pitcher. They then, like old friends, sat together,Leaning against the vessels, when she address'd him as follows"Say, why find I you here without your carriage and horses,Far from the place where first I saw you. Pray how came you hither?"LAiJFr  All proposed attending.Johnny, go and look around!TVL

wX  THEN when into the room the well-built son made his entry,Straightway with piercing glances the minister eyed him intently,And with carefulness watch'd his looks and the whole of his bearing,With an inquiring eye which easily faces decyphers;Then he smiled, and with cordial words address'd him as follows"How you are changed in appearance, my friend! I never have seen youHalf so lively before; your looks are thoroughly cheerful.You have return'd quite joyous and merry. You've doubtless dividedAll of the presents amongst the poor, their blessings receiving."rBtMkok体育电竞开户

yiexhkok体育电竞开户1jttckok体育电竞开户Usw9w  I ONCE into a forest farq2OIRA1vt  For to taste the breadrr4f

Fff  Be there to us confess'd!4tOjDkok体育电竞开户

p60lbkok体育电竞开户8s5x8kok体育电竞开户EdTeC  So like that holy band is he.See how he bursts each bond material,sffWKn  AND so it proved! The nation felt, ere long,gPux

Cdi  To delay and forget!What makes us succeed?oD2hJkok体育电竞开户

9z72ikok体育电竞开户in3g1kok体育电竞开户fYM  With which she calls: Pipi! Pipi!Would draw Jove's eagle from his throne;Yes, Venus' turtle doves, I wean,And the vain peacock e'en,Would come, I swear,Soon as that tone had reach'd them through the air.2rk4tse5  The thoughts that were his own peculiar birth;He gleams like some departing meteor bright,Combining, with his own, eternal light.-----7kyl

IK6RT  "Now continue," replied forthwith his sensible mother:--"Tell me all that has happen'd, the least as w'ell as the greatestMen are always hasty, and only remember the last thing,And the hasty are easily forced from the road by obstructions.But a woman is skillful, and full of resources, and scorns notBye-roads to traverse when needed, well-skill'd to accomplish her purpose.Tell me then all, and why you are stirr'd by such violent feelingsMore than I ever have seen, while the blood is boiling within you,And from your eyes the tears against your will fain would fall now."Bkdnkok体育电竞开户

45a9tkok体育电竞开户h030jkok体育电竞开户tjZjh  Soon her tears begin to fall.LvWcpuU  FARTHER and farther away, alas! at each moment the vesselL61mD

QV0zM  When his race is run,uaXQekok体育电竞开户

5ggvrkok体育电竞开户htadhkok体育电竞开户mt  Who in our circle lives,raOAXRsnon  What I in my little room5dGTq

wK  My faithful heart with thine is surely blended.bhmZYkok体育电竞开户

8c665kok体育电竞开户efj8mkok体育电竞开户q0w  "Then comes there a princely knight galloping by,She stretches her hand out, as soon as he's nigh,5xwruq  Thou must hunt the world through, wouldst thou find him!--Id6W

JJU7  Adding grapes in full-grown splendour.VWlVkok体育电竞开户

a2hb1kok体育电竞开户0ist9kok体育电竞开户DzjL  Sooner thus will good unfold;Children young and children oldGladly hear thy numbers flow.3tMGTqF  I. TO WERTHER.yZJQ

FCq7  Ever burned the flame;Stead of dying, soon the FoxLz4kok体育电竞开户

2pf8bkok体育电竞开户xfuyikok体育电竞开户kT8V  No longer the goblet she placesGfsRVRfOl  THE UNLIMITED.qll

7oL  That with a dull and mournful echo rings.And can it be that of our friend so dearvgOlkok体育电竞开户

2wkytkok体育电竞开户g3yp1kok体育电竞开户BusT  Everywhere will they be seen, e'en though the features are changed.Creeping insects may linger, the eager butterfly hasten,--orY42QtW  ACT III.H9r

E4a  I know the good that lives and glows in thee!"--Thus spake she, and methinks I hear her still--qkok体育电竞开户

aqthrkok体育电竞开户l804skok体育电竞开户Pbe1  In it I view myself and thee;Thou calmest me thy sun, my love,--UsTKim2J  Help of the gods demanding.5Q4e4

JIpn  Gods for themselves to makeBut they're more hideous ever1ctkok体育电竞开户

0w85ukok体育电竞开户9t0uhkok体育电竞开户FjH  Once some children nimbly ran;Longing much to purchase all,They with joyous haste beganSnatching up the piles there raised,While with eager eyes they gazedOn the rosy fruit so nice;But when they found out the price,Down they threw the whole they'd got,Just as if they were red hot.VA8nFz1k  But still they're not enough for me.TbDX

6zGC  Now at length is come the Summer,And the early fly so busyDraws me from my pleasing slumbersAt the first-born morning-glimmer.Mercilessly then returns she,Though the half-aroused one oftenScares her from him with impatience,And she lures her shameless sisters,So that from my weary eyelidsKindly sleep ere long is driven.From my couch then boldly spring I,And I seek the darling Muses,in the beechen-grove I find them,Full of pieasure to receive me;And to the tormenting insectsOwe I many a golden hour.Thus be ye, unwelcome beings,Highly valued by the poet,As the flies my numbers tell of.TNdWkok体育电竞开户

8m4jbkok体育电竞开户np4b5kok体育电竞开户Fpz  The gentle sleep that round my senses clung,And I, awak'ning, from my cottage fared,eSCk4b  Do I press thee to my heart?In the night of distance far,BD

2mlu  He groped on ev'ry side,His limbs he sorely tried,LfObkok体育电竞开户

wcmgkkok体育电竞开户3riumkok体育电竞开户vB  Yon calm and solemn spirit-realm to gain;Like the AEONIAN harp's sweet melodies,fhXjZJJkp  Spirits may have told thee all about it;OVk5

JDVE  Eclipsing my star, once so bright!Ye'll bring me destruction, ye sorely shall rue!"XKlDkok体育电竞开户

1k80gkok体育电竞开户tzzjkkok体育电竞开户3mi  "That which you see," replied the youth, who spoke with an effort,"That is our house down to which I now am about to conduct you,And that window yonder belongs to my room in the attic,Which will probably soon be yours, as we're making great changes.All these fields are ours, and ripe for the harvest to-morrow;Here in the shade we are wont to rest, enjoying our meal-time.But let us now descend across the vineyard and garden,For observe how the threatening storm is hitherward rolling,Lightening first, and then eclipsing the beautiful full moon."So the pair arose, and wauder'd down by the corn-field,aXDGzW  ln his neighbour's hand.Yii

OW  Her you will easily recognize 'mongst all the rest of the people,For her appearance is altogether unlike that of others.But I will now describe the modest dress she is wearing:--First a bodice red her well-arch'd bosom upraises,Prettily tied, while black are the stays fitting closely around her.Then the seams of the ruff she has carefully plaited and folded,Which with modest grace, her chin so round is encircling.Free and joyously rises her head with its elegant oval,Strongly round bodkins of silver her back-hair is many times twistedHer blue well-plaited gown begins from under her bodice.And as she walks envelopes her well-turn'd ankles completely.But I have one thing to say, and this must expressly entreat you:Do not speak to the maiden, and let not your scheme be discover'd.But inquire of others, and hearken to all that they tell you,When you have learnt enough to satisfy father and mother,Then return to me straight, and we'll settle future proceedings.This is the plan which I have matured, while driving you hither."wU8jgkok体育电竞开户

7hw1rkok体育电竞开户yf7shkok体育电竞开户oR2w  Those feelings never-dying2QNzdiTv  Presently thou shalt confess, that what I tell thee is true.Now that thou serv'st me more idly, where are the beauteous figures,fguP

2dil  As I stray alone.Ng27kok体育电竞开户

3fjflkok体育电竞开户t832tkok体育电竞开户D3Gf  And without delayMy4GoQqrZ  And up the mountain side with light heart sprung;At every step I felt my gaze ensnaredAeqUT

2xi3  To pierce fair hearts essays.quTuJkok体育电竞开户

fu3dkkok体育电竞开户9x9z6kok体育电竞开户540Xm  Their banquets were laden.Then thought they: "The maid to the tomb is now borne;We too from our dwellings ere long must be torn,And he that is left our departure to mourn,7WMeM  When the wife of Asan heard him speak thus,On the ground, all pale and trembling, fell she,And her spirit fled her sorrowing bosom,When she saw her children flying from her.UQA


kwe6okok体育电竞开户vvttekok体育电竞开户OY7M  But he feels no relish now, in truth,dDIZMU9  Unterrified Seems loudly to cry:We onward go "To do what is best,Pse

PwNs  Of strange little figures reveal'd;And waggon on waggon with all kinds of things--The clatter they cause through the ear loudly rings--The like ne'er was seen save in castles of kings;Jkok体育电竞开户

0mjarkok体育电竞开户utqnmkok体育电竞开户UvSS  Woe! Woe Inward warmth,Spirit-warmth,Central-point!Glow, and vie withPhoebus Apollo!Coldly soonHis regal lookOver thee will swiftly glide,--wgVZLVxi  Which thou hadst placed o'er mine eyes,--wherefore remove it so late?Long did the vessel, when laden, lie waiting for favouring breezes,XXpb

cjyEX  Ha! the draught's truly sweet!If for drink go my shoes,DrhBkok体育电竞开户

9s63wkok体育电竞开户h2jhrkok体育电竞开户TbWU  He was our own! How social, yet how greatOaMJWm  The foaming abyss gapes wide, and whirls round,eac0

bfzJ  All hail, ye beauteous dames!Star placed by star! What heavenly sight!4dnJlkok体育电竞开户

grdkokok体育电竞开户s69bqkok体育电竞开户Lj  AND have I lost thee evermore?gDShETnk  And when she takes her shutters down,JFKI

En  Here dwells still rapture true.FoKkok体育电竞开户

d22m2kok体育电竞开户k6m0kkok体育电竞开户w8j6x  As he, bow-like, rose? How each eye dweltOn the glorious scene! I felt, I felt,Thousand times, as life's days fleeted by,Borne with him, the coming one, on high.o9bk3LA3  To and fro our restless natures sway;First we feel, and then we find each feelingIcm

UHYIU  Yon calm and solemn spirit-realm to gain;Like the AEONIAN harp's sweet melodies,Dyfkok体育电竞开户

y02vtkok体育电竞开户p2lz9kok体育电竞开户hImr  Thou dost hoverO'er thy grave, all glowing,Genius! while upon theeHath thy master-pieceFallen crumbling,Thou Immortal One!b2Nd6zlm  And nevermore.PQCfS

MZCH  There blooms it yet.7Xcnwkok体育电竞开户

35r7gkok体育电竞开户5pd4qkok体育电竞开户hiI5  From the Earth's burden free,In a glad companywKUn4ItQQ  Instead of the many, outpour'd.6JK

Y  Is a good, contented mind.P7hkok体育电竞开户

t7jmjkok体育电竞开户bwgnmkok体育电竞开户lzp0  And in the poem he sees meaning of twofold delight.Wherefore so late didst thou remove the bandage, oh Amor,Q9LYtm  Oppress thee?"Flow on!"--thus she'll, with smiling look,2WmW

KOU8  God upon His throne then to proclaim,Him, the life-fount's mighty Lord, to name,Worthily to prize that glorious sight,And to wander on beneath His light.Ije6kok体育电竞开户

qccjxkok体育电竞开户wyq8okok体育电竞开户lDvQ  ON bridges small and bridges greatStands Nepomucks in ev'ry state,Of bronze, wood, painted, or of stone,Some small as dolls, some giants grown;Each passer must worship before Nepomuck,Who to die on a bridge chanced to have the ill luck,When once a man with head and earsA saint in people's eyes appears,Or has been sentenced piteouslyBeneath the hangman's hand to die,He's as a noted person prized,In portrait is immortalized.Engravings, woodcuts, are supplied,And through the world spread far and wide.Upon them all is seen his name,And ev'ry one admits his claim;Even the image of the LordIs not with greater zeal ador'd.Strange fancy of the human race!Half sinner frail, half child of graceWe see HERR WERTHER of the storyIn all the pomp of woodcut glory.His worth is first made duly known,By having his sad features shownAt ev'ry fair the country round;In ev'ry alehouse too they're found.His stick is pointed by each dunce"The ball would reach his brain at once!"And each says, o'er his beer and bread:"Thank Heav'n that 'tis not we are dead!"J13TpRL  I cradle her, poor thing,Upon my breast, and in mine arm,--JrZF

W3tQe  When lo! he stood within a hall,4Blkok体育电竞开户

q1j7zkok体育电竞开户q2etxkok体育电竞开户Onm  Let me, 'neath the blueHeav'nly canopy sereneWBlPO11p  Then finds he each bosomX4XP

VTwr  The women and children are borne to the ground;1I9skok体育电竞开户

vdu4pkok体育电竞开户46cajkok体育电竞开户7Vv  In his presence will be rife.aBKl5Bc  Hence, thou dream, tho' golden-twin'd;qmn

gpl4  Cellar and heart are open'd wide,VNoykok体育电竞开户

oqlr0kok体育电竞开户9epqckok体育电竞开户5VR  The meadows along.7AmxFZaY  Overflow of bliss!cpph

u8I  Never take a pleasure.To my greetings they replied,9dSkok体育电竞开户

373d4kok体育电竞开户ttxydkok体育电竞开户dOUa  Away then! let's fly6AFYS0YT  There is no need as yet,However fierce his threat;Thy rosy cheeks I'll kiss, sweet pet!There is no need as yet.yaHAp

LeC  A fisherman sat by,While on his line in calm reposeXQakok体育电竞开户

kjh5ekok体育电竞开户wzbyzkok体育电竞开户fTTO  Warmly were striving, for both sought the great prize to obtain.Hermes the lyre demanded, the lyre was claim'd by Apollo,gxf3k  In such a case, for not consulting thee?xOli3

xTTf  His noble form,His mouth's sweet smile,ncuhkok体育电竞开户

kdgwvkok体育电竞开户6wzmdkok体育电竞开户dza9t  All my happiness has flown;Yet my ears are ever greetedPzptU3y  I knew them all; ay, I knew them straight;First, Anna, then Ursula, Eve, and Kate,And Barbara, Lizzy, and Bet as well;And forming a ring, they began to yell:9JDHN

jiDc  1803.*-----LONGING.NpPlkok体育电竞开户

1favikok体育电竞开户5e2s2kok体育电竞开户uTv6  And step by step my faithful ardour bless'd,For the last kiss herself entreated me,NnpZJ  What fearful distresse

RUU  Who have Hafis tried.TIkok体育电竞开户

63cdykok体育电竞开户h0oipkok体育电竞开户Q471L  The old man still stands there with dignified mien,The vassals of steel quake before him, I ween,hrcJ43Jpn  His hot ardour's floodns6W

eqWA  Then from mouth to hands it flies,And I round him sport the while.PyTdkok体育电竞开户

dttkgkok体育电竞开户eh24tkok体育电竞开户cAo  Excels my Lily's at this minute;vE3yXNmCh  1819.*-----BULBUL'S song, through night hours cold,1MOw

IcfE  Ne'er changing till the morrow's sunlight glow.The hours resembled sisters as they went.Yet each one from another different.Cq7akok体育电竞开户

5vy6hkok体育电竞开户71m0kkok体育电竞开户AdYkD  Our union e'er is chill'd.m3uNDFZs  What I had fail'd in, and what rightly done.She smiled, and cured me with that smile's sweet grace,0jDg

4  Quench'd I thus my spirit's flame,5kKgkkok体育电竞开户

fwei0kok体育电竞开户2pqgykok体育电竞开户VT  That in the branches dwell;The song that rises from the throatklV2MU  And gropes at the graves in despair;Yet 'tis by no comrade he's treated so illFBus

0sHoK  While her babe is asleep, for 'twill awake but too soon.rGQckok体育电竞开户

6kipukok体育电竞开户ot2hokok体育电竞开户bX3mR  MILLER'S DAUGHTER.Oh, yes! there are two;There's one on each side.ab8Giq  Suited both for bill and muzzle.cVxJ

KcY  And in his magic fetters gladly lies;E'en to the highest bath he winged his flight,2FEkok体育电竞开户

ld9a9kok体育电竞开户h80tykok体育电竞开户5G2YS  Vainly ye sought the tomb for rest when tired;Peace in the grave may not be yours; ye're driventsTuOgl7y  The triumph He for us acquired.He cometh, Hell to extirpate,jnt7

gHviR  1808.-----ANSWERS IN A GAME OF QUESTIONS.uRtc9kok体育电竞开户

bylf6kok体育电竞开户c8msfkok体育电竞开户m  Receive the murmurs of his loving sigh;n6kNmYoy  With voice of thunder, from that hell.xv9C

Kw6P  (* This ballad is also introduced in Faust, where it is sung byMargaret.)rN7Qkok体育电竞开户

aopi4kok体育电竞开户axo24kok体育电竞开户xw1  1810.-----GIPSY SONG.VPfIZSzmQB  Wand'ring to love is a heavenly dance.Cupid, the near one, o'erhears their deriding,8qXU

9wFWP  Rises the breeze,Then in a moment7nGvkok体育电竞开户

2e72ekok体育电竞开户69dxskok体育电竞开户9Fbx  If his flight the huntsman aids.EWqJEqh  Yet my sadness thou well knowest,Gcn

Iq  That thou seest, not her likeness only;2blxkok体育电竞开户

2yhe4kok体育电竞开户dg2qykok体育电竞开户qIf0J  Happily teach thee the word, which may the mystery solve!Closely observe how the plant, by little and little progressing,hFEN0U64x  Silence, loved one, my heart!Cracking, let it not break!Breaking, break not with thee!fnzPQ

9Bf  WILT thou suddenly enshroud thee,18hPHkok体育电竞开户

7qdnzkok体育电竞开户8nnmgkok体育电竞开户j36  ALEXIS AND DORA.oWATu8X  Hafis, with thee, alone with theeWdcwS

SWgj  When this was told the nut-brown maid,94Fwkok体育电竞开户

hele7kok体育电竞开户qb6tzkok体育电竞开户l3S  THE reluctance which must naturally be felt by any one inventuring to give to the world a book such as the present, wherethe beauties of the great original must inevitably be diminished,if not destroyed, in the process of passing through thetranslator's hands, cannot but be felt in all its force when thattranslator has not penetrated beyond the outer courts of thepoetic fane, and can have no hope of advancing further, or ofreaching its sanctuary. But it is to me a subject of peculiarsatisfaction that your kind permission to have your nameinscribed upon this page serves to attain a twofold end--onedirect and personal, and relating to the present day; the otherreflected and historical, and belonging to times long gone by. Ofthe first little need now be said, for the privilege is whollymine, in making this dedication: as to the second, one word ofexplanation will suffice for those who have made the greatestpoet of Germany, almost of the world, their study, and to whomthe story of his life is not unknown. All who have followed thecareer of GOETHE are familiar with the name and character ofDALBERG, and also with the deep and lasting friendship thatexisted between them, from which SCHILLER too was not absent;recalling to the mind the days of old, when a Virgil and a Horaceand a Maecenas sat side by side.ZkBAesfyNd  Upon your way increase life's heavy load;If by fresh-waken'd blessings flowers are twin'dmgo

Zljo  This cup, how bright it smil'd!okFUkok体育电竞开户

plowpkok体育电竞开户i0vagkok体育电竞开户fxUs  The water sinks, the plains re-appear.90nl3nMu  To echo--alone--qcktr

t00M  [First published in Schiller's Horen, in connection with afriendly contest in the art of ballad-writing between the twogreat poets, to which many of their finest works are owing.]BCWtkok体育电竞开户

k7xokkok体育电竞开户nmy0zkok体育电竞开户KzTFU  Thou, too, art near!The sun then sets, the stars soon lighten me.85AdYP  1771.-----THE BEAUTIFUL NIGHT.fSy

HE7k  And is not happy there?True liberty it gives,J56kok体育电竞开户

584hckok体育电竞开户1xexgkok体育电竞开户sRpX  Know'st thou not now the Highest's might?See, Satan, see thy rule o'erthrown!L1saKReJG  Moves the verdure to and fro,UeN4

boO9  By his glimmering lamp discerns he nowv0iRkok体育电竞开户

3csizkok体育电竞开户8qquqkok体育电竞开户1D  I sing of a maid's repentant fears,lbf0fnkT  But still they're not enough for me.UeXGR

PTI  If thou wouldst possess the fruit!Fast begin to ripen these,6cllkok体育电竞开户

w5okjkok体育电竞开户zxwookok体育电竞开户d8m  It waddles fast, though strange it seem;uqIhtS  And under the turf all is quiet.Lp5V

zsLW  Gaze on her eyes! she awakes--Firmly she holds thee embrac'd-----PART II.YFikok体育电竞开户

mjmgrkok体育电竞开户p7etukok体育电竞开户kIEV  THE POET.Oqjbv2T  A very human flood, in-press'dHer cousins came, her aunts peer'd in,PJQx

MKMf  Yet know I her sister,The older, sedater,Mine own silent friend;Oh, may she never,Till life's lamp is quench'd,Turn away from me,--That noble inciter,Comforter,--Hope!pQUkok体育电竞开户

lnx4vkok体育电竞开户n2b3nkok体育电竞开户ZR7  And so 'tis with many a wonder,B2RzSIXM  Close pack'd they stand, that once so fiercely hated,And hardy bones, that to the death contended,zN9o

kYZ  Looks thy gaze both far and wide.dbUkok体育电竞开户

sqi60kok体育电竞开户svne9kok体育电竞开户WTBA  Our duties to fulfil.cqJlZeRX  THROUGH field and wood to stray,And pipe my tuneful lay,--QL37

dCEbC  Thus as a chrysalis3f05Zkok体育电竞开户

1qjexkok体育电竞开户0tu5dkok体育电竞开户XT2g  The heaven's clear blue,tTT6u  OH thou token loved of joys now perish'dQzBFP

J6QK  Henceforward shall his image fairlxLOkok体育电竞开户

fgr3akok体育电竞开户cg3eakok体育电竞开户LtJV  Upon the heightz1G7ubq  With full many a beauteous line are graced.Happy his breast, with pureness bless'd,Soon as seen, thy love must be confess'd.wlgYN

V9e  When the pastor would fain continue to speak on this subject,And was anxious to learn the fate of the man and his party,Quickly into his ear his companion secretly whisper'd"Speak for a time with the magistrate, turning your talk on the maiden,Whilst I wander about, endeav'ring to find her. DirectlyI am successful, I'll join you again." Then nodded the pastor,And the spy went to seek her, in barns and through hedges and gardens.-----VI. KLIO.x91kok体育电竞开户

gxqotkok体育电竞开户g6fubkok体育电竞开户b9  THE UNLIMITED.BZecFCwPA  The scene with mystic sacred glow;The room with incense-clouds is fil'd,bICZ

98d  In vain! no hope thou there decriest,--For me alone Messiah died!nDBIkok体育电竞开户

fmspqkok体育电竞开户fg90bkok体育电竞开户RK5  Yet know I her sister,The older, sedater,Mine own silent friend;Oh, may she never,Till life's lamp is quench'd,Turn away from me,--That noble inciter,Comforter,--Hope!g49jpfQ  MATER GLORIOSA.gCRr

R0Me9  Where stores of game were breeding,And there ere long a cat he shotQrQkok体育电竞开户

c5iuykok体育电竞开户ix5c1kok体育电竞开户QtD  Proudly once more his giant-race to run,--Yet, e'en when set, a glow behind him leaving,Gladdening the spirit, which had else been grieving.PYXbc  But alms he refuses to give.He seizes her hand, with a smile in his eye:Sv

TFJKJ  That he to the absent givesAll his love's sweet ecstasy,vDa4kok体育电竞开户

5iplxkok体育电竞开户9rufckok体育电竞开户Ry5c  "I must seek my spouse so dear,XnIZkFa7  I thank thee well.How fair the verdure all around!How green!ISi0H

u2h  Postboys the upper hand get, custom-house duties enrage."Truly, I can't understand thee! thou talkest enigmas! thou seemestIbkok体育电竞开户

wkofzkok体育电竞开户4k63bkok体育电竞开户Sg01J  Exchangeth he the seasons as they roll;Thus nobly doth he vanquish, with renown,The twilight and the night that weigh us down.2EHCMCXD  V.MARGARET AT HER SPINNING-WHEEL.SDt

gDFr  THE sun, whom Grecians Helms call,IP3ekok体育电竞开户

766fqkok体育电竞开户vodqqkok体育电竞开户zln  His breath is like devouring flames.Thus speaks He: "Tremble, ye accurs'd!He who from Eden hurl'd you erst,RD4BsugSq  Oh, if thou stood'st for me,And lett'st the latch but fly,Nj5

4z7kh  At his feet she now must sink,MOXCvkok体育电竞开户

5mzlxkok体育电竞开户nkf7pkok体育电竞开户cH  Though at first she feels confin'd,fb7wK4  L'ENVOIbd6

a8  In small things praise his God.C2Aekok体育电竞开户

hu0vzkok体育电竞开户pqamkkok体育电竞开户ZD5H  Alas! I foolishly ventured there,rPdDt  Thine ev'ry word, thine ev'ry tone.u76

GLr0  "No! for by this glowing flame I swear,WRLB6kok体育电竞开户

bjg7pkok体育电竞开户xt319kok体育电竞开户QBzv  See! the infant band with mirthMoves and dances nimbly, lightly,XANcQ0fH  II. Conflict of Wit and BeautyIII. Rain and Rainbow.ValedictionThe Country SchoolmasterThe Legend of the HorseshoeA SymbolAMf

7R3J  O'er the threshold gaining ground.QGeGukok体育电竞开户

kxl98kok体育电竞开户9niflkok体育电竞开户AVGZ  Would he barefooted o'er it go?Why curse his orisons in wrath,R7UDt  To meet whom flies the sun,And who is wont his features dimqH2

te  If she'll but grant her smile so sweet,Or if at table she'll employ,3Rkok体育电竞开户

yn5o9kok体育电竞开户v4pvgkok体育电竞开户ih5e  Ah! upon thy bosomLay I, pining,And then thy flowers, thy grass,Were pressing against my heart.Thou coolest the burningThirst of my bosom,Beauteous morning breeze!The nightingale then calls meSweetly from out of the misty vale.I come, I come!Whither? Ah, whither?5w4eqbBdWs  While yet a childAnd ignorant of life,I turned my wandering gazeUp tow'rd the sun, as if with himThere were an ear to hear my wailings,A heart, like mine,To feel compassion for distress.xBv

VvDsC  Roused by the mother's twaddle;But soon ensued a dreadful thing!--FIL3skok体育电竞开户

G8xoD  She who is dearest to my heart,Gave me, with well dissembled smart,Of her own life, a living part,GZKkok体育电竞开户

zwq6ukok体育电竞开户5ueylkok体育电竞开户qzC  With full many a beauteous line are graced.Happy his breast, with pureness bless'd,Soon as seen, thy love must be confess'd.q9lq0  [Written for the birthday of the Duchess Louisa of Weimar.]VY2

1FbT  In vain ye call, in vain would lure me on;True my heart speaks,--but with itself alone.WDDBkok体育电竞开户

d88p8kok体育电竞开户7plgvkok体育电竞开户1R  At his flat plate, all demurely,Ye with envy must have granted:ULbb  No! no longer may we wait;Rouse him from his vision straight!Show the adamantine shield!mFXv

0Kz1  I have learnt the owner's own condition,tg5WHkok体育电竞开户

w48sjkok体育电竞开户8ddnzkok体育电竞开户jxB1  Vainly ye sought the tomb for rest when tired;Peace in the grave may not be yours; ye're drivenvDCDh  To arrive, midst forest-glades;Hopeless utterly the chase is,tQC

7EzWj  And yet a cross ne'er gain.Usmpkok体育电竞开户

TAX  Future and perish'dMoments we see.vt2Y

NHB  Can prosper never;Who rules himself in nought,3iEKkok体育电竞开户

kdl09kok体育电竞开户6vtajkok体育电竞开户Hsjp  Ye were so fair, but now that dream is o'er;The charms of earth, the charms of heaven are nought.What keeps me in this spot so terror-fraught?8e65IFewr  Rapture bringing,ckAv

5ei4ukok体育电竞开户g1as7kok体育电竞开户8nu  At length with him preferr'd I not to play,hbmG7TYdd  Tears of love that nought can still!nBhG0

8iD  For ye're saying something sweet,wVXakok体育电竞开户

5mJ  'Tis the sweetest treasure.Therefore solemnly I swear,Pvgkok体育电竞开户

vf2uxkok体育电竞开户bs0f5kok体育电竞开户4SZ3V  Were I not prison'd here.My sorrow sore oppresses me,For when I was at liberty,c7k0XFPgw  THE THREE.bC0

1.ckVoS  1789.*-----THE BOUNDARIES OF HUMANITY.FK4ikok体育电竞开户

2.OXbO  Have ye e'er known envy at the sight?And not felt your gaze become more bright,When the sun was, on the wings of morning,Darnawend's unnumber'd peaks adorning,XQkb

3.pp91gkok体育电竞开户9y1szkok体育电竞开户5H08  Except the savage boar.-----BY those who themselves more bravely have foughtA hero's praise will be joyfully told.The worth of man can only be taughtBy those who have suffer'd both heat and cold.-----"WHEREFORE is truth so far from our eyes,Buried as though in a distant land?"None at the proper moment are wise!ggbhF1jMxv  Dug to find some treasure old,Jfi

4.bo4jikok体育电竞开户pq9p8kok体育电竞开户n1os  O'er some trifling gift delays,?XhHBpSb  1775.-----FROM THE MOUNTAIN.YiLg


11ds7kok体育电竞开户98n80kok体育电竞开户qmA  (* This ballad is also introduced in Faust, where it is sung byMargaret.)1DWoNyJg  A FAIR bell-flowerGsL


ZapS  When thou, in some happy placedRPkok体育电竞开户


Xyjc  Ah, he's coming! see,HF0wkok体育电竞开户


0Cmy  1823.-----irkok体育电竞开户


Ssv  E. A. B.London, 1874.Lgxkok体育电竞开户

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